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Indian Institute of Vedic Science & Technology

Vedas are the mother of all inventions and theories

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Explore the Ancient Indian Scriptures

Wondering what ancient vedas & other texts talk about science & mathematics?

Wondering what ancient Indians knew about astronomy, metallurgy, conflict resolution, yoga and management?

Wondering if Indian rishis and monks had the knowledge of building an airplane, modern chemistry and medical surgery?

Wondering how complex architectural structures were built in an era without any modern equipment?

Wondering about a lot more? Your search ends here !!!!

Hindu Literature
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Apauruṣeyā Uvacha : Newsletter

From exotic places to advanced science, the list is almost endless when it comes to ancient vedic Indians and we have done all the hard work to bring it to you.

सर्वं ज्ञानं मयि विद्यते
All that I have to learn is within me

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Take your first step towards learning Vedas & other Indian Scriptures

Interested in learning Vedas and Puranas in structured & organized way at your own pace and place? We offer a wide variety of courses on various ancient Indian scriptures. All you need is an open mind a bit of commitment to start.

We have tones of free resources like monthly newsletters, free downloadable printable, activity sheets etc. in the members section.

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