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Apoursheya Uvacha - Vedic Newsletter - Mar 2021

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Why newsletter’s name is “Apauruṣheya UvaAcha”, what does it mean ?

Apauruṣeya means authorless/ not by humans / superhuman and Uvaacha means Speaks. Vedas are called Apauruṣeya as they are considered to be transferred to mankind by Brahman himself. There are many verses in Rigveda that talks about Universe, Milky-Way, Solar System and more. Supposedly, humans didn’t have access to any such technology that would have helped them experience the outer world.

There are many scientific theories that many western scientists proved in last 5-6 centruies with their advanced scientific equipments, one of the example is “Heliocentric theory”. This theory of Sun being the center of solar system was mentioned thousands of years ago in Rig Veda. Hence, Vedas were given by Apauruṣeya who had/has access to the outerworld and can access more dimensions that humans can’t.

In this month's newsletter, you will find:

  • Highlights from Panchatantra Niti Sashtra

  • Guess what!!! Quiz

  • Sanskrit Sloka of the month

  • Who are Saptarishis?

  • Featured submissions by Kids

  • Virtual workshop on vedas

  • Important dates in April

  • & much more.

Read this month's newsletter HERE

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